Tuesday, May 5, 2015

cinco de mayo surtex silliness


yeah, you know when you have a crap load of stuff that you know you should/need/must be doing and then you get some stupid idea that you just have to see through? Well, that's what happened today. Because sometimes, you just can't resist the stupid. oh and happy cinco de mayo!

And as long as we're talking surtax, here are my other two more "official" flyers...

Sunday, April 19, 2015

storytime magazine

I must say, over the past year, I have been extremely fortunate, having some wonderful opportunities just land in my lap. An illustration job for Storytime Magazine is no exception.  Truthfully, I had never seen this magazine before, mainly due to that fact that it's new and does not get US distribution (hopefully that will change!) It's soooo gorgeous, filled monthly with lovely illustrations from many of my favorite artists, printed on a quality matte stock, and NO ADS! It kind of reminded me of the old Ideals magazines that I remember reading with my Gramma, growing up.... full of full bleed pictures and wonderful stories and poems. Right now, there really is no other periodical like it here in the states that I know of. 

just look at that gorgeous cover illustration by Chiara Nocentini!

I was contacted by them back in January. I was super swamped at the time, but really wanted to do it, and they were kind and flexible enough to accommodate me. I have always wanted to get into editorial, so having my first job in this area being with a kid mag, really made it ideal. The story was so sweet...an ABC poem. It was just so old fashioned and cute, I knew right away that I wanted to give it a retro limited color palette. I had to hide all 26 letters of the alphabet within the 2 main illos (can you find them all?), plus design a simple alphabet that corresponded to the poem. Actually, in the back of the issue, they used to letters to make a board game. Fun! 

If you live in the UK, it's definitely worth subscribing to, whether or not you have kids. I was super honored (and completely surprised) to be included.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


yup, it is on... surtex! I will be going there with the super talented Tammie and Emily, heading up the happy happy art collective booth! Lauren will be showing in booth 559. If you are going, please swing by and say hello at booth 532!

Friday, February 27, 2015

samples, samples samples!

one of the funnest (yes, that's right, I have the vocabulary of a 6 year old..) things for an illustrator is when a package arrives in the mail with your samples! I've had the pleasure of working with Peaceable Kingdom Press over the past year and these are a few of the projects I have completed for them. The colors turned out great (much cleaner than my crappy iPhone camera can show) with die cuts and the pink kitties are actually flocked! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

sandwich boxes

ok, so this is one of those things that is geeky cool to me...I've never seen my stuff on actual (non-paper) product, and to see it on something that will be sold in one of my favorite shops, makes it all the more fun. I had the opportunity to design some sandwich boxes for the awesome dutch shop, Psikhouvanjou. I had redesigned their header/logo, last fall and they requested that the little apple fellow be used on this product along with some other characters to fill out the set. These will be available in April (alongside another set by some artist named Helen Dardik, who ever that is.... KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!)

Friday, February 13, 2015

happy valentine's day!

here's one from my line of stupid valentine sentiments... 
"I love you more than acorns on cupcakes." 
You're welcome. Never said I was a copywriter! Happy v-day!

Monday, February 9, 2015

trying to keep it springy...

...as another foot of snow falls on top of 50 plus inches that have fallen over the last few weeks. Oh and just so you know, shoveling with 2 bickering teenagers is loads of fun!

Anyway, I did this card for Peaceable Kingdom, available as part of a nice boxed set :)