Saturday, August 30, 2014

"Cute Characters" for Tigerprint!

I decided to enter the Tigerprint competition for "cute character." I never have much luck at all in these competitions, but this one appealed to me. I mean if I call my stuff shamelessly cute, if not this contest, then what?! Anyway, if nothing else, I have a couple new birthday card ideas for the portfolio, so nothing wasted! Which one do you prefer?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Global Talent Search 2014

I really can't believe that it has been an entire year since the first Global Talent Search. It's funny, I really had no intention of entering last year because I knew I didn't have a chance, but when I heard the subject matter, "vintage playground," I couldn't resist. Besides, being a first time MATS student, the entry fee was waived, so I figured, why not? I put a ton of time into it… not saying that that necessarily showed, but I was one of the fortunate ones that made it through that first round. 

It was a great journey and I learned a lot about what it means to put yourself out there, which in the world of art, is a scary but necessary step to any level of success. When the opportunity came around again, it was one of those things that was hard to resist. I knew I would miss being part of it all, regardless of the outcome. Unfortunately for me, the timing was terrible. The brief was to come out the day after I was on a family vacation and I would be left with 24 hours to do it once I was home. I decided to just go for it in the hopes that I could come up with something anyway.

The brief itself, little terrariums, wasn't exactly in my wheelhouse. I like to do stuff with characters and this seemed more suited to those who work more with botanicals and flowers. Plus she mentioned paint. ugh. Plus she categorized it as "wall art." ugh. I knew I was in trouble. 

With limited time, I tried to stick to what I'm most comfortable with (vector) and tried to make it more of a little environment (a.k.a. world) and of course, meant for kids. I decided to include a waterfall and castle, as opposed to filling it with various plants and flowers. Not that I don't love plants and flowers, but there are soooo many people that do that better than me. I like the palette I ended up with, but I still question why the heck I made the little people green. I mean what kind of martian pea pod did they escape from?! Or are they just from the Emerald City? who knows?!?!?! These are the things that you don't have time to consider when you're doing a project from start to finish in one day. I'd show you my sketches, but they are even crappier than usual and I'd be too embarassed!

Anyway, even though I didn't make the first cut like last year, I am glad I played along and entered! There is always something to be learned. I'm happy with my piece, but I would have loved to develop it further, especially in terms of rendering, textures, real paint, etc.Best of luck to the final 50, many of which I know from MATS courses! Amazing pieces one and all and enjoy the journey!