Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lilla Rogers Make Art that Sells...week 5

Ok, so maybe week 5 in Lilla's course ended about 3 weeks ago, but better late than never, right? Unfortunately at that time, I was away from my computer, internet, and basically everything but indoor plumbing and was unable to complete this project on time. 

But what a great assignment! Lilla starts each week in her course with a mini assignment that will ultimately ease you into the main brief that is given midweek. This final week's theme was the gift market which is clearly wide open with possibilities. We were told to photograph some of our collections for possible use in the project. If you have ever seen my house, there is no shortage of junk, errrr "collections." You name it... kitchen kitsch (cookie jars and pixie ware condiments), McCoy planters, endless vintage Christmas items, wooden German figurines, cheap plastic snow globes, not to mention my son's extensive Pez collection! This part was easy and fun! 
a few of my German smokers
my prized Wendt&Kuhn flower children

The actual brief was to create a pouch in a "hyper lush" style, using oversaturated color, ink blotted images, fully loaded visuals...using some of our collection items. I knew immediately that I wanted to make a Christmas themed pouch. Everybody needs a holiday themed zippered clutch, right?

I decided to used the wooden flowers from my Wendt & Kuhn kids in combination with my own vector illos of elves. I tried to base the characters on my smokers...I think you can see a few resemblances. I also wanted to pay homage to another of my loves, cardboard putz houses. I've always loved their bright colors, glittery fake snow and how beautiful they look when they are lit up. I could have taken pics of my own collection, but in July, they are buried away somewhere in the attic, hence the illustrations instead. I added a few old plastic snowflakes that my Gramma used to have and voila! I really enjoyed doing this look. It was very new and fresh to me, not to mention a real challenge to my bare bones photoshop skills. My only regret was that I wasn't able to incorporate this below... a vintage newspaper map from the cold war era. While at my childhood home, I discovered my dad's stash of old maps from the early 60's... so cool! I really wanted to crop in and have the "north pole graphic as part of the sky, but there was just way too much going on already. At any rate, I hope you like my little creation and MERRY CHRISTMAS (in July ;) !!

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