Tuesday, December 17, 2013

40 days of lettering...day 24

Quite an number of 40 days have passed since I started this project, but I have not given up! Here is day 24, another piece that I did for Creative Interviews. The quote is by Oscar Stern, Creative Director Art/Broadcast Producer for the Hachette Book Group. Interview can be read here. I had very little time to work on this one. Aside from a quickie thumbnail, a week earlier, I didn't start this until 10:00pm last night! Proud to say, I powered through it without a drop of coffee, but I nearly went to fire up my Verissmo, a few times! The text itself, was pretty visual, which always helps get the ball rolling. Not that you have to have anything other than straight lettering in a piece like this, but I always think it adds a nice touch, if you can. Considering my time constraints, I wanted to keep it simple color-wise, so I decided to throw it on a black background that I could quickly "grunge up" at the last minute (which ended up being around 2:00am).  I could have spent more time working on the leaves and making them more interesting, but at that hour, I was going for speed and simplicity, which for me, meant using the brush tool as opposed to the pen tool in illustrator. Always a relief to use that as opposed to the point making, handle pulling tedium of using illustrator's pen, but hey... it's what I'm used to. All things considered, I was happy with the way it turned out.

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