Monday, February 17, 2014

kids music CD!

            Here is her first album I did for her a few years ago.
I had the privilege of working on award winning kindie artist children's singer songwriter, Stacey Peasley's sophomore album, Lucky Day. She has a great voice and kids and parents alike, love her music. I worked on her debut album about 3 years ago, and this one was just as fun to do. Stacey wanted the art to focus on the lyrics of her title song, Lucky Day, which centers on a string of happy events in a child's day...getting a big blue balloon, finding a lucky penny, getting a nice red lollipop, new shoes, etc. Lot's of fun visuals to work with. The parameters were to work with the colors of her logo, but keep it fresh and new. Her first album, Together, was essentially, cyan, so I really liked the idea of making this one essentially yellow. I thought it still worked well with her logo and brand. Stacey likes to get her kids included on her album art, and this time there was a new baby to add! Not to be left out, I fit her and her husband in as well. If you have little kids, you really should check out her music. Its available to order here and here!

This is an edited version of the inside spread, minus the credits copy. The cd itself, actually goes on the right side over the soccer net and the dad.
This is what the back and front cover look like together as a spread as if it was laid flat.

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