Monday, April 21, 2014

Uppercase Contest submission for They Draw and Travel!

I really wanted to submit something to this contest as it is a combination of 2 of my favorite things. I love the TDAT website, and traveling in general, and Uppercase is my fav magazine. You can see the full map here on their site. I wished I hadn't already submitted my map of Westborough, MA, that I did for Make Art that Sells, Part B , but  because I had, it made me work on something new! 
I had to reformat Lilla's assignment to the more horizontal specs of TDAT.

Since I had already done a map of the town in which I am currently living, I decided to focus on the area I spent many years in and around, the Providence/Pawtucket area of Rhode Island. I used to work at Hasbro, at 1027 Newport Avenue in Pawtucket. Let's just say it's an "interesting" town. Rhode Island has a lot of faces... from beautiful beaches, quaint seaside towns, to chain-linked fenced yards, triple decker housing, tattoo and pawn shops, well you get the idea. Pawtucket has a lot of the latter. Another strange characteristic is what the locals like to eat. For some strange reason, they have a certain fixation on "New York System" hot weiners (Rhode Islanders do not adhere to the i before e except after c rule). SImply put, weiners are skinny hot dogs, topped with a meat sauce, onions and celery salt. Anyway, I thought illustrating a little tour of the top wiener spots in the area might be a funny topic. Back in the day, Dot's Dairy Bar (see spot number 6 on the map) was within walking distance of 1027. I went there mainly for the shakes, but I was known to occasionally pick up a weiner alongside. At around a buck a dog, the price was right.

It was a fun map to do and if you look closely, you might see my homage to my former employer with a guest appearance of Mr. P and Rich Uncle Pennybags. In retrospect, even the little houses look like the ones in Monopoly! If you ever go there, I don't recommend hitting all these spots in one day... I won't be held responsible for the state of your digestive system after, but enjoy!!

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