Thursday, May 1, 2014

L is for lion... and liverwurst!

Here is my little contribution to the happy happy art collective alphabet project. Lola the lioness is serving up some luscious liverwurst laced ladyfingers! Why? Because kids growing up today, need to know what this nasty stuff is, haha! You can read the entire limerick here and don't forget to check out all the other letters the girls have done!

After the constraints of the letter "I," I was happy to have a letter that offered more possibilities. Actually, I had planned to make the main character here a lamb (Lulu...) but I had the hardest time trying to draw one that I liked! Maybe that's why most alphabets use lions...who knew? I also thought about having the lamb as the guest, but ultimately decided it was funnier to have it be just a tiny ladybug. It also allowed the lion to be the main focus. I played around a lot with the background color... lighter, darker, pinker, bluer, until I arrived at this. Probably could separate better from the character, but I liked the overall feel. Did you pick up on the "lattice" reference? ;) I kind of liked how this one worked out in terms of making the letter a larger focus of the overall piece. 
Have you had some liverwurst today? :P

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