Tuesday, June 3, 2014

day 35 of 40 days of lettering

Day 35 is another piece I did for creative interviews, this time it was an interview with Myles Allpress, senior art director with Fallon. This was a pretty short quote, but it didn't give me any obvious visuals, other than I toyed with the idea of a megaphone shape to fit the word team or Fallon in, but somehow that seemed kinda corny. Instead, I thought I would try to visually play up "team Fallon." You can see below my first pass at this. Whenever I do a lettering piece (or any piece in general), I take a quick pic of my sketch on my phone, take it into AI and redraw. At this stage, I don't care what colors I use at all, which is pretty obvious, I hope! Anyway, I didn't like the way it was reading. Even though, technically if you read it left to right it is correct, visually it read more like " creativity is a team fallon effort at." So, I played around with the effort portion, played with the letterforms more to make them fit together better, added pattern and texture until I was satisfied.

Only 5 more pieces to get to 40!!

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