Tuesday, October 15, 2013

40 days of lettering...day 15

Ok, so 40 days is a long time. Why did it have to be 40 in the first place? What's wrong with thirty, or 25? Both perfectly nice numbers ;) Despite how far out 40 seems to be at the moment, I am going to stick to my pledge and plug away until I reach that magical number. I never said it would be 40 consecutive! Technically, you could say that I am bending the rules by including this piece, but it is in the spirit of lettering, so I'm calling it number 15! I revisited my Christmas card for Lilla's class and thought it might look nice in a less busy, more pared down version. I played around with the elements from the original, eliminating many and fit it in an ogee shape. I think I like the results... it's a cleaner read even though I hated getting rid of my little pipe smoking elf!

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