Tuesday, January 28, 2014

day 29 of 40 days of lettering

Getting there... almost to turning that to that magical number 30 and can actually start counting down! I'm absolutely positive this phrase has been done by someone out there in starbucks land, but I thought it might make a cute valentine message. Me, I'm more of a straight up "venti bold and give me some room" kind of girl...lattes are just fancy steamed milk and sugar.
Technical question for any of you master bloggers out there...can you tell me why jpegs like this look soooo grayed out when I post them here? I don't get it. They look nothing like the actual file and how it looks on flickr or even crappy Facebook. If you have a sec, check out the difference here...Thoughts? 


  1. I had the same problem - took me ages to find the answer - I did this and it worked. Good luck

    "AUTO ENHANCE" has been turned on by default, probably in a recent "upgrade" (ALLEGEDLY). Every time you upload a new image, is SCREWS the picture up, creating a new version in the process. If you download it back, you can see it's a different version, even though (and I have never been able to figure this one out) Blogger's system somehow allows more than one version of files with the IDENTICAL file name. (In my case, the mutilated version was bigger than the original-- go figure.)

    HERE's the fix:
    Connect to your Google + account.
    Click on Home > Settings.
    Scroll to the "Auto Enhance" section.
    Uncheck "Automatically enhance new photos".
    Click on the "Back to Google+" link.

    Love the Latte S : )

    1. THANK YOU Stephanie!! It took me a while, but I followed your instructions and eventually made it work!! I had the hardest time enabling google+. I have an admin acct. that controlled my general acct and well, let's just say they sure don't streamline their processes. NOT a fan of blogger, but thanks so much for your help...looks sooooo much better!!

    2. I know I have problems with the whole google+ and blogger thing - a techy guy told me to browse them in totally seperate browers ie I look at blogger on Firefox and google+ on Safari, this helps - they know how to make our live difficult - glad it worked for you, the pic looked fab before but I know what it's like to want to get it perfect : ) We can be perfectionists can't we - have a great week x

    3. I have noticed the graying also. White type looks gray instead! I will try this fix that ric-rac suggested. Thanks so much!

  2. I just fixed this problem on my personal blogspot page. So lame google....so lame!!!

    1. I know...it's crazy stupid. I don't get why I need google+ just to be able to access a simple setting like that on a blog. As you said, lame. Thanks for dropping by :)