Thursday, January 30, 2014

day 30 of 40 days of lettering

ok, so my sketches are never pretty, but you get the idea...
Today's piece (number 30...yayyy!!!) was a quote from Pablo del Campo, President and CEO of del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi. You can read the full interview here. I think this one is my favorite of all the quotes I have done for this series, which is funny since when I first read it, I couldn't think of any interesting visuals that I could integrate into the lettering. Somewhere along the way, I thought maybe I could tie in a log rolling idea, alongside a "top of the world" metaphor. Maybe this was a stretch, but I latched onto it because I thought it could be a fun image. I had it all drawn out with the businessman on top of the globe in water, when I started to doubt myself...maybe an actual log rolling lumberjack would be better? Maybe combining log rolling and staying on top of the world was too much for the viewer to get right away? So I drew the bearded fella on top of a giant log and although I liked him, I decided to stick to the skinny suit. In retrospect, the lumberjack looked like a hybrid of Yukon Cornelius (best character in Rudolph...) and Jack Lalanne (remember him?). Ultimately, I hope I made the right decision. This is the kind of question that would have been best answered if I had been working with an AD. I hope Pablo likes it and I hope you do too!

good ole Jack...the original fitness guru

best line in the show after he licks his pick axe..."nothin'"


  1. I think it's perfect! Love the guy in the suit and your use of textures.

  2. wow, your lettering is just lovely! thanks for joining in the link parade!

    1. thanks so much linda and thanks for allowing me to hook onto the parade and also for stopping by!