Thursday, September 12, 2013

40 days of lettering, day 4...Keep calm!!

I keep seeing so many versions of the "keep calm and..." phrase and decided to do my own little take on it. Actually, I googled and learned that it was actually a WW2 British public safety poster series that was discovered in a British book shop back in 2000. You can learn a bit more of the history of it here... link. It has become a meme for poster and t-shirt artists ever since. 

In this series, I'm making an attempt to limit the number of colors...always tough for me to do but I think it is good practice. Besides, I simply love mid century illustration that often limits colors to 2-3 total. In retrospect, this isn't a whole lot of cool, crazy lettering...pretty simple. I'll try to up the ante on the lettering focus on my next few versions, but this was one I just had to try! Carry an and keep calm! zzzzzzzz.....

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